Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a type of adhesive that dries hard, shiny, and smooth, much like Acrylic OR plastic. The consistency of epoxy resembles honey; applying it to a surface other than a floor can be difficult. Several coats of epoxy are often applied in order for it to be effective.

Epoxy is a superior, new generation product exhibiting fast cure time.It is use in waterproofing,as a excellent stain resistance coating that protects by binding metal surface particles to a resin system, thus creating an encapsulating shell. Each particle is resin coated and becomes tightly packed in the cured film. Epoxy Coating has very low odor and can be applied indoors in occupied areas. Epoxy is generally used as a clear or pigmented high gloss finish. It is decorative and use in industrial flooring systems.Its is Resistant against diluted acids and alkaline solutions, diesel, mineral oil, waste water, etc.
We offer Epoxy Coating Services to our clients that are ideal for floor and wall surfaces. Our epoxy flooring and epoxy coat are known for offering higher abrasion resistance to the surface as well as for easy cleaning and washing.

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