Podium Driveway waterproofing system is absolutely critical to ensure the long-term durability of the structure and to keep maintenance costs obsolete by avoiding possible repair. In sensitive buildings areas like Podium slabs where you plan for water bodies, landscape, children play area sports facilities car parking and drive ways etc..

Why to Waterproof the Podium Driveway ?

An effective and durable waterproofing system is critical for ensuring the long-term durability of the structure and to keep maintenance costs to a necessary minimum. In sensitive building areas like podium slabs where you plan for water bodies, landscaping, children play area, sports facilities, car parking, driveways etc, proper waterproofing system helps to keep out water and pollutants, thereby, preventing leakages and also protecting the structural elements and embedded steel reinforcement from damage due to corrosion. A Cemcure waterproofing system has to ensure that it keeps performing at optimum level for a very long period of time, even beyond the warranty period, to provide maximum value and comfort to the end-user.

Benefits of Podium Driveway WaterProofing

  • Immediate return to service , waterproofing runs parallel with construction activity.
  • System can be taken across expansion joints seamlessly.
  • Prevent water tracking between the membrane & the substrate.

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You can always lean onto Cemcure  Waterproofing. Our team of professionals will help you to solve any kind of leakages in your premises.

All work completed by Cemcure Waterproofing Works carries a warranty up to 10 years (as applicable). 

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