Swimming pools have become very common in most luxurious residential buildings, hotels, resorts etc. The building and hotel owners usually demand for long lasting waterproofing solutions for their swimming pools. Architects, consultants and specifiers usually seek aesthetic as well as comprehensive Waterproofing Solutions  for their swimming pools. Cemcure can provide complete solutions with a wide range of products.

Why to Waterproof your Swimming Pool ?

Waterproofing systems are applied on the pools in a liquid state, thus achieving a total adhesion to the support. Certain degree of elasticity, being able to absorb movements and fissures without breaking. Cemcure Products can be adapted to any surface and design, solving singular points.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Waterproofing

The main advantage of Cemcure Products is that it creates a continuous membrane, without joints, and adhered to the support. The fact of creating continuous waterproofing without joints or welds and completely adhering to the support reduces the chances of leakage. This feature implies the ability to locate leaks because, as it is adhered to the support, water can not circulate under the waterproofing.

Our team will do all your projects on time with at most finish. You can be safe and certain about work with Cemcure Waterproofing Services

You can always lean onto Cemcure  Waterproofing. Our team of professionals will help you to solve any kind of leakages in your premises.

All work completed by Cemcure Waterproofing Works carries a warranty up to 10 years (as applicable). 

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