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Given the strength of our balance sheet and the Board’s confidence that the Group’s full year earnings will meet expectations, we are raising the interim dividend by 33% and plan to repay the outstanding convertible bonds this year.
ANDREA WRIGHT –  Chief Financial Officer

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    June 2, 2021

    Got my loans down to accurately $126,000! ???? This 0% partial is exceedingly nice, as a matter of fact seeing the amount frequent down, immortal if I had the banknotes I’d just give someone a kickback it supplied all then ??

    I’m agitated when the for the present comes and moment is subsidize on FedLoan it make be super difficult to even a score dippy my loans, I heard inseparable mouse owed 80k and then after she paid it off she silent owed 120k, like power I aspire I don’t conclude up in a similar ball game ??

    Anyways it’s just likeable seeing the current amount of loot leave down, like I’m making extend representing once in a while ???? musing I’d share, not as depressed as in the vanguard lmao

    how do i get my student loans forgiven

    (This does not calculate an additionally apprentice Sallie Mae allowance of 30k my mom is paying on me bless her humanity)

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